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This Bunny Kills 4:FUN Hack: Unlimited health and energy Jogar!
Broken Mirror 4: Hero of the Federation Hack: More Latinum, Deuranium and (Anti)Matter added Jogar!
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems Hack: Lots of Gold - Infinite Mana - All Levels Unlocked - Start With 10 Gems Jogar!
Jump for Coins 3D Hack: Timer and score hack Jogar!
Colony Hack: Buildings cost nothing TO PLAY: RIGHT CLICK -> PLAY TWO TIMES Jogar!
Agent B10 2 Hack: Infinite money,all guns and tools unlocked and available to purchase,unlimited starting ammo for all guns Jogar!
Destroy the Village Hack: Fuel and Rockets: Hack buttons under Game - And They dont Toggle on and off - So once clicked the hack is on until you leave and come back to the game. Jogar!
Planet Racer Hack: Everything in the shop is free. Also traveling to other planets is free. Jogar!
Alias 2 Hack: 999 Lives Jogar!
Battlegrounds 2 Hack: Tons of money, Tons of shop credits, Super-Human soldiers, No waiting for recruitment/building. *New Version* Jogar!
Windhawk Hack: More health and money added,ammo and oxygen Jogar!
Penguins Attack 3 Hack: A lot of health, all levels unlocked, fast level up. Jogar!
The Krab-o-Matic 3000 Hack: Lives hack (game by request) Jogar!
Soul Redeemer Hack: Health,2 kills needed for Full Rage,Start with double-Luck & All Weapons/Upgrades Free Jogar!
Excited Insects Hack: Health and ammo hack. Jogar!
Stick RPG Complete Hack: 99999999 Cash, 999999999999 Money In Bank ( 1.0E+70), 999 stats, Everything at start (All items), Castle At Start, Faster Car, Faster Skateboard, Custom Save Messages, 0% Bank Rate, Smoother Start Up, And Tons More Jogar!
Old Mario Brothers Hack: Lives Hack Jogar!
Hey Wizard Hack: Enemies give you health - Using magic gives you more - Using skillpoints doesn't take them away. Make sure you play the tutorial if you haven't played the game before. Jogar!
Snow Truck 2 Hack: Start off with a lot of lives on all modes Jogar!
World War Tower Defence Hack: Money and Lives Hack Jogar!
James Bunny Hack: Life Hack Jogar!
Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Hack: gold, lives and skillpoints-hack, Note: (You can't see the levelssymbols, but if you move your mouse over them (you must search a little), then you can click and play them now. Jogar!
Armor Trigger 3 Hack: Health and special levels unlocked. Jogar!
Green Archer Hack: Start with 20 arrows instead of 5. Jogar!
Box Dodge Fury Hack: Unhittable character (Can be toggled ON/OFF with SHIFT), Fly hack (Can be toggled ON/OFF with CTRL(Control) and then use up&down arrow to control height, Score hack(Can be toggled ON/OFF with CAPSLOCK) Jogar!
Assault Fleet Hack: Resources Jogar!
Beekus Big Adventure Chapter 1 Hack: A lot of ammo added and infinite Health Jogar!
Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot Hack: More health added Jogar!
Bug War Hack: Towers are Free and no build timer, Bonus stage unlocked, and Win even if you loose!--Couldn't make any spawn speed hacks because the AI would get them also! I gave you what I could! Jogar!
Motherload Hack: Lots of money, Unlimited fuel, Unlimited health, Unlimited Cargo space, Start with best upgrades, Drill Speed doubled, Engines now have 500 HorsePowers Jogar!
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