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My Agnry Faic 4 Hack: All items in the store are free, lose less health, any health pickups give you full health. We could have given you unlimited health but the game wouldn't end. Score submit will submit 0 so do it if you want. Jogar!
Dublox Hack: All levels unlocked. Jogar!
Obama vs Zombies Hack: Invincible Barricade - Infinite Ammo - Increased Range. Jogar!
Docking Perfection Hack: Time hack Jogar!
Zombie Massacre Hack: Invincibility - Money - Infinite Ammo For All Weapons - Free Slots Jogar!
Armor Hero Metal Slug X2 Hack: Unlimited health, using bombs gives you more. Jogar!
Warfare TD Hack: Money and lives Jogar!
Unlimited Zombies Hack: Lots of money and health Jogar!
City Gunner Hack: Lives hack (for now) Jogar!
Underground Terror Hack: Enemies don't do damage - All Weapons Unlocked & Owned - Infinite Ammo - Level Codes are the level numbers (1-13) Jogar!
Desert Buggy Hack: Loads of Cash to start with! Jogar!
Bomb Detonator Hack: time,score(adds up like crazy) Jogar!
Cube Me Christmas 2010 Hack: Enemies do no damage, unlimited fuel and ammo once you pick them um (flying gives you fuel, shooting doesn't take away ammo). Jogar!
People on my Lawn Hack: 100 of both magnets for each level + unlimited rockets. Jogar!
The World's Hardest Game 2 Hack: Can go through most walls, Coins at the endpoint and some levels removed. Jogar!
Dodge Hack: Infinite Health, All Enemies Health Lowered To 1 Jogar!
War Spheres Hack: Free Upgrade Purchases Jogar!
Celebrity Smackdown 4 Hack: You win even if you lose Jogar!
Play a Quest for Idle Hack: Money and unlimited HP. Jogar!
Hambo 2 Hacked Hack: All levels unlocked. Armed with a variety of weapons, you must skilfully use them to rescue your best friend Bacon. Jogar!
Cosmic Crush Hack: Zoom out hack - Press 2 to zoom out - Press 3 to zoom out even more - Press 1 for normal zoom Jogar!
Hover Phoenix Hack: Energy hack and points hack Jogar!
Zelda:Link's Backyard Hack: Press 1 for refilling health and rupees! Jogar!
Toy Box Rally Hack: You don't lose health, start with more lives. Jogar!
War of Cells Hack: Evolution Points hack Jogar!
Crazy Chess Hack: You gain lives instead of losing them. Jogar!
Sonny 2 Xmas Hack Hack: Money, Ability Points and Attribute Points Hacked. Redrawn several items into 3 red suites, Candy cane, Xmas tree, Two red gloves, Two suites, Black tux, Xmas hats, Santa hat and beard, Sword and devil horns. Merry Christmas Jogar!
Barnville massacre Hack: Ammo, health of house Note: if you upgrade your house the health will reset Jogar!
Hands Of War RPG Hack: Gold, Upgrade Points, Level, Set Character Stats, Health and Mana Potions Jogar!
Battle Buggy Hack: Invincibility and Infinite Nukes - No skill points I don't want to ruin the game! Jogar!
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