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Hitstick 6 Hack: Unlimited Health, All Weapons unlimited ammo & clip & Everything is Free Jogar!
Thor Towers Hack: Lives Jogar!
Robot Jim Hack: Invincibility,all weapons unlocked with unlimited ammo,all levels available,all guns double damaged Jogar!
Dublox Hack: All levels unlocked. Jogar!
Farm Express 2 Hack: Lots of money after completing the first level Jogar!
Stretchyman Hack: More health and ammo added Jogar!
Mud and Blood 2.2.0 Hack: Tactical Points Jogar!
Neon Rider Hack: Infinite Health - All levels unlocked. Jogar!
Dino Run Hack: DNA hacked, Bones hacked, Time Shifts hacked (press space when you get to 0) and all items in the shop are free. See below for in built game cheats. Jogar!
Sky Warrior Hack: health, unlocked rocket, rocket ammo, rocket and normal gun dmg - set to 99999! Jogar!
The Puzzling War Hack: Money & Enemies give you health Jogar!
Forest Warrior Hack: Infinite lives - Infinite bombs - Stamina increased to 999999999 - For new level you will have normal stamina after losing that u gain max stamina (ie., 999999999). Note: use left & right arrow keys to navigate, up arrow to jump, down arrow to duck, 'z' to throw bombs Jogar!
Yan Loong Legend 2 Hack: Infinite Power and Lives - 999999 stat points - 1000000 starting exp "So you will level up 25 times very quickly" Jogar!
Kingdom Fire Hack: Health (999999), Magic (999999), Level (999), Gold (999999999), large character attributes (ALL 999), Unlimited weight, Super defenses, Major damage, almost all items cost 1 gold. Jogar!
Clash'N Slash: Worlds Away Hack: Invincible ship and planet,all guns and upgrades from the full version unlocked,upgrade points,doubled ammo for all weapons,reload time decreased Jogar!
Spyke Hack: Unlimited lives Jogar!
Mico Dungeon Hack: Increased Points.. Set all attributes to 5.. More HP.. increased XP.. more medicine and potions Jogar!
Transylmania 2 Hack: Infinite Lives Jogar!
Bounty Killers Hack: unlocked weapons, ammo, you will not die when your life reaches 0 Jogar!
Creeping Hack: Health,Teleport,ammo for all weapons and grenades! READ NOTE IN GAME INFO HOW TO USE THE HACKS! Jogar!
Ecaps Hack: Fire Rate, Health, Shield, Ammo Jogar!
Tank Wars Hack: Infinite Armor Jogar!
Pirate Race Hack: Faster boat and rotation and everything in shop is 1 gold. Jogar!
All Hallows Eve Hack: One Shot kill with any weapon, Unlimited Ammo, Defences are indestructible, and ability to unlock all weapons and defences after the first level. Jogar!
Fast Food Follies Hack: Infinite Health Jogar!
Magic Safari Hacked Hack: All levels unlocked! Jogar!
Firewall Hack: Cursor life set to 999,infinite fire range and mines.Couldn't do speed because you wouldn't be able to play the game at all. Jogar!
Sonny Hack: Infinite Lives Jogar!
The Worlds Coolest Game Hack: Walls Removed Jogar!
Galactic Gravity Golf Hack: Fuel hack Jogar!
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