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The Flood - Salvation Hack: Press Ctrl+F11 at the level select screen to unlock all levels. Jogar!
No Time to Explain Hack: Press key Q to have the super beam, press key E to disable it. Note - the hack may cause lag in some old PCs. Jogar!
Moonlight Dating Sim Hack: Jenna (main character) has infinite health and you start with unlimited money. Jogar!
Box10 Brawl Hack: Health & Special Attack for Player 1 Jogar!
Mayan Raiders Hack: Lives and timer hack Jogar!
Madness Regent Hack: Infinite Lives, 1 Shot 1 Kill and 999999 Defense (doesn't matter since you have infinite lives) Jogar!
Uber Battle Hack: 99,999,999 credits Jogar!
Summoner Saga Chapter 7 Hack: HP, MP and SP Jogar!
Missile Game 3D Hack: Lives Hack Jogar!
The Classroom 3 Hack: Teacher FOV won't work unless you are RIGHT next to the teacher. Here are some passwords: geekfoundation gotoAndStop donalex windowchecker classroomrunner psychedman fisherlike boycoot cellularman theexcuse crash invalid. Comment on what other hack Jogar!
High Speed Chase 2 Hack: Car Health, 1 Billion $, Target Teleport, Timer, and 32 weapon hacks ! NOTE: Hack buttons below game, if you don't see them reload or refresh page until you do ! Jogar!
Ball Revamped 2 Hack: Deleted tons of walls, changed some exit locations, deleted the boss and left the exit there still. Jogar!
Dragons Quest Hack: 999999999 Gold, 999999999 Skill Points, Lots of health, Lots of armour and Lots of "block" - Note: Game loads,just be patient at the white screen Jogar!
Dwarf War Hack: Press 1 to add 10k Gold,2 for Army Health & 3 for Mana. All hacks work after pressing the keys and purchasing a unit/spell Jogar!
Monster Joust Madness Hack: 1. Infinite HP 2. 9999999 Gold 3. 9999 Damage Max 4. Increased Chance of Knock down (although it doesn't matter) to 999 Jogar!
Cube Me Christmas 2010 Hack: Enemies do no damage, unlimited fuel and ammo once you pick them um (flying gives you fuel, shooting doesn't take away ammo). Jogar!
Tank 2008 : Last Assault Hack: Loads of Coins - Invincibility Jogar!
The Great Massacre Hack: Gold, Health, Stamina, Artifacts unlocked, Start with all Skills & Specials, and Infinite Thunderbolts "# 3 key" Jogar!
Exofusion's Alien Attack Hack: Infinite Money - A bunch of health - 3x damage! Jogar!
Arrowhead Hack: Invincible - Infinite arrows. Jogar!
Racehorse Tycoon Hack: Money Hack Jogar!
Star Dominion Hack: Lots of metal, gas. Buildbots are free. Jogar!
Red Baron Hack: health, defence bar, you can kill enemies by just walking toward them Jogar!
Base Jumping Hack: Infinite Health and Lots of money Jogar!
Simple Defence 2 Hack: Money Hack Jogar!
Infantry Covert Operatives Hack: Hack fixed. Key hacks - key H - full health for your entire team, key J - all weapons have 8888 ammo. Jogar!
Parking Perfection 3 Hack: Time hack Jogar!
SteppenWolf (Chapter 3 Episode 3) Hack: Life hack Jogar!
Phrozen Flame RPG Hack: 1 million HP, 999999 MP, weaker bosses. Large flash file this one, it might take a while to download. Jogar!
Armor Hero Water Pursuit Hack: Invincible Jogar!
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