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Burger Restaurant 2 Hack: All goals set to $1 - Money in the shop. Jogar!
Desert Buggy Hack: Loads of Cash to start with! Jogar!
Isoball 3 Hack: All tiles unlocked, unlimited tiles per level. Jogar!
Bloody Fun Day Hack: Health doubled for all reapers Jogar!
PhrozenFlame RPG II Hack: Increased health, Increased CP, Increased attack points, 5 Million Zyme, Increased Fire, Ice and Heal levels. Jogar!
Sonny 2 Version 2.2 Hack: Unlimited cash, unlimited ability points and 999999999 attribute points. Jogar!
Runes of Shalak Hack: Infinite lives - Spikes or creatures can't hurt you so dont fall in between pillars otherwise game has to start from beginning - On last part of each level you'll die if you dont succeed time chase. Jogar!
Alien Exterminator Hack: Health, Money, Speed Hack. All guns have quicker firing rate with quicker reload time and lots of bullets. Also the pistol is now a one shot kill weapon. Jogar!
Sindicate Hack: cash hack, power hack, henchman stats and they cost $1-$4 (only hacked skirmish cause in single player it will be no fun) Jogar!
3 Little Pigs: Home Defence Hack: Money, Lives, Everything costs 1. Jogar!
13 Guardians Hack: Money and experience Jogar!
Cursor*10 Hack: 999 cursor life Jogar!
Bomb Detonator Hack: Bomb timer enlarged Jogar!
Vroom Hack: Unlimited parts of the ones given for each level (using parts gives you more). Jogar!
Stick Trampoline Hack: Everything unlocked more blood Jogar!
Cyber SWAT Hack: Unlimited Hull (health),Lives (just in case) & Mission codes (anime,fahrenheit) Jogar!
Cosmic Crush Hack: Zoom out hack - Press 2 to zoom out - Press 3 to zoom out even more - Press 1 for normal zoom Jogar!
The Classroom 2 Hack: If you get caught you still pass the level Jogar!
Lightning Break Hack: Timer stopped - No time gets deducted if you do a foul. Jogar!
Cube Field Hack: Score x2. Press space to restart game but not your score. Jogar!
Methus Tower Defense Hack: Tower Health, and Mana Jogar!
Space Thieves Hack: Money - All sheep can be taken and you won't loose, game will continue! -- NOTE: If you don't see "Hacked by Dave Petty" under the game, refresh or reload the page until you do or the hacks won't work! Jogar!
4 Wheel Madness 1 Hack: X3 More Health,Timed levels have infinite time & 1 car needed to pass the level Jogar!
Shadez 2 Hack: Money and Experience Points in Campaign mode - Skipping the add will result in a black screen for a few seconds.. It may take a few minutes to load, be patient ! Jogar!
Defend Your Honor Hack: Money hack and weaker enemies.. Note: Try right click -> Play if it won't start loading Jogar!
Final Fantasy Sim Date Hack: Starting a game gives you alot of money and stats. Jogar!
Age of War 2 Hack: More money, health and XP added Jogar!
Project Validus: Survival Hack: Health, Ammo, Accuracy and Skill Points Hacks. Jogar!
Flying Spaghetti Monster Hack: 10x the time. Jogar!
Alien Fury 3 Hack: Infinite Health and Money Jogar!
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