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Code of the Samurai Hack: All cheats (Except courage) unlocked and health hack Jogar!
Bubble Tanks 2 Hack: Dead Head 3 drop lots of money. Unlocked extra content and modified bft carrier tank. Jogar!
Feudalism 2 Hack: Money, Ships cost 0 gold, Skill Points, Stat Points, When you die you win the stage., customize your own player unlocked, difficulty selection updated Jogar!
Jumpie Hack: Lives, No score penalty, coins +35 instead of +5. Jogar!
Chaos War 3 Prolog Hack: Life after death, more MP added, and with any attack with your sword you get +999999999999 SP Jogar!
The Haunted House Hack: More money per zombie. Jogar!
Storm the House 3 Hack: Cheats Enabled (ammo, castle health and money) Jogar!
Breakfast Brawl Hack: More time Double Damage to Enemies Jogar!
Giga Miner Hack: Start with 100 lives - Unlimited health - Money & 100 of each mines (gold,platinum,silver,diamond,ruby,emerald). Jogar!
Warlords: Heroes Hack: health hack, money hack, lives hack, speed hack(not too much cause it will be hard to play) Jogar!
You Might Get Nervous 2 Hack: All modes unlocked - You can't die. The game has no end so feel free to close it at any time you want. Jogar!
Arctic Defense Hack: Infinite upgrade points,50 000 normal points,defenders have infinite ammo,their weapons cause more damage and the rate and range is improved Jogar!
NooBoo Mary 2 Hack: Souls (Money) -- Fast spell meter for the 3 spells on the top left of the screen! - See IMPORTANT note below! Jogar!
Adventure of Fish Gobbi Hack: Every upgrade is free. Jogar!
Box Dodge Fury Hack: Unhittable character (Can be toggled ON/OFF with SHIFT), Fly hack (Can be toggled ON/OFF with CTRL(Control) and then use up&down arrow to control height, Score hack(Can be toggled ON/OFF with CAPSLOCK) Jogar!
Stick Bang Hack: Lots of money and no weapons reload Jogar!
Tangerine Panic Hack: 1000 lives and the things he says. Jogar!
Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre Hack: 99999999 Health added and upgrades are free Jogar!
Traffic Trouble Hack: 100 Lives instead of 3 -Vehicle Stress Time Lowered Greatly! Jogar!
Defend your Mom Hack: Infinite Bullets and $10.000 instead if $100 Starting-Cash Jogar!
Vector TD Hack: Infinity Cash, lives, and Bonuses Jogar!
Verista Hack: Mana "Money" - Double base health - After you beat the first level you will get - EXP - Stat Points - and Max Wizard Level - NOTE: You could also just pause the game and click world map then skills. Then buy the stones you want! Jogar!
Bellyflop Hero Hack: Max Money to buy everything Jogar!
The Lorry Story Hack: Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and press Space when you are at the level select screen to have all tracks unlocked, 999999 cash, all trucks and upgrades. Jogar!
Defense Fleet Hack: Money - 300 Max Units Jogar!
Hairball Hack: All obstacles removed Jogar!
Plant Life 2 Hack: Life & Money Jogar!
Age of Kingdom Hack: Using resources gives you resources - Trading gives you a lot of resources. Jogar!
Zombie Infestation: Strain 116 Hack: Invincibility on all modes,Infinite Armor,All Weapons available & owned with infinite ammo and a lot of keys Jogar!
Babel Tower Builder Hack: All levels unlocked Jogar!
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