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The Simpsons Zombie Game Hack: 100 Ammo instead of 10 Jogar
Flash Strike Hack: 99999 Ammo for every guns, 99999 Flashbangs, 99999 Health Jogar
Half Life 2 Flash Version Hack: More health and ammo added Jogar
Strangers 3 Hack: Infinite health and ammo on all weapons. Cheats codes are Invincible: rawdog and Infinity of Ammo : ssemboj Jogar
Armor Trigger 3 Hack: Health and special levels unlocked. Jogar
Pilgrim Hunter Hack: Unlimited Ammo & X10 Health Jogar
Black 2 Hack: Infinite Ammo And Health. Jogar
Professional Assassin Hack: Infinite ammo for all weapons,torso and head-shots give you lots of points,AK-47 unlocked after first level Jogar
The Lost Warrior Hack: health hack, damage hack,ammo hack(for the second gun enemy is using it too it have 0 damage so i wont let u use it),lives hack, score hack Jogar
Green Beret Castle Assault Hack: Castle Health & Experience after first level Jogar
Army Training Hack: Start with x10 more ammo. Jogar
Sniper WWII Hack: Infinite time Jogar
pico-Unloaded Hack: unlimited hp - unlimited ammo - unlimited reload - all guys have 50 hp or below - no submit button sry :( Jogar
Weapons on Wheels Hack: Everything's Free & Bigger Ammo Resupplier Jogar
Hugo Headshooter Hack: You can't die, buying weapons add money. Jogar
Dragon Slayers Hack: Health hack, money hack, food hack, and faster pull. Jogar
Ragdoll Invaders Hack: Infinite Lives - Only thing to hack! Jogar
Overkill Apache 2 Hack: Pilots,invincibility after the first death,all weapons unlocked,ammo for all weapons,rockets,bullets and bombs x2 stronger,fire rate...(see other hack info) Jogar
GunMaster Urban Warfare Hack: Ammo and Health Hack Jogar
Desert Storm Hack: Infinite Lives - Ammo For All Missiles Jogar
Urban Slug 2 Hack: Lots of money Jogar
Damn Birds Hack: Infinite Cleanliness, No reload, Tons of money. Jogar
Black Hack: 999999 Ammo and 999999 Health Jogar
Air Something Hack: Bombs and score/points hack....couldn't do health,game's encrypted...To play -> Right click play then forward Jogar
Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot Hack: More health added Jogar
Zombie Face Ripper Hack: Enemies do no damage - thrown items still do but it's not that much. Jogar
ZOM-TV! Hack: Invincibility,Unlimited starting money,All weapons have wider range & Weapons x5 Times Stronger, Unlimited Ammo Jogar
Western Blitzkrieg Hack: Lives,health (do not pick up),infinite ammo for all weapons Jogar
Russian Affairs Hack: Lives and Ammo Hack Jogar
Absolute Madness Hack: Neo powers,jump, dodge all bullets Jogar
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